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S1-S2 Science

S1/S2 All students follow an introductory mixed Science course based on Curriculum for Excellence level 3 outcomes which builds on previous experience from Primary school. It is designed to develop knowledge and understanding, investigative skills, scientific methodology and problem solving abilities through a range of practical tasks. It also focuses on the enhancement of numeracy and literacy skills.

Chemistry S1-S3

S3 Chemistry

Chemistry S4-S6

Chemists are scientists who investigate the building blocks of our world. They find out how chemical substances are formed, how they join with other chemicals to make complex molecules, and investigate the interactions between different substances – chemical reactions!

Topics covered:

Chemical Reactions
Find out what a chemical reaction is and how we can use experiments to identify and measure their speed.



Atoms and elements
Find out what everything is made of and how scientists have used this information to describe the world around us.

S4 & Senior Course Choices

S4-S6 National 3, 4, 5, and Higher and Advanced Highers courses are offered in Biology and Chemistry.

Useful Websites

Chemistry Course Choices
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