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S3 Design & Manufacture

In S3 students can choose to study either Design and Manufacture, Practical Woodworking or both!

S3 Design and Manufacture is a course designed to introduce the processes of problem solving through design. During this course student develop their skills in designing and communicating proposals through the use of graphics, explore the uses and properties of materials and are provided with opportunities to use models and prototypes of products in the workshop environment.


Possible projects include:

Design portfolio

Design graphics

Introduction to manufacturing techniques

Technology transfer


S3 Practical Woodwork

S3 Practical Woodwork is a workshop based course designed to develop student’s manual skills and self-confidence during the completion of a number of practical projects. It allows learners to develop skills in reading drawings and diagrams, measuring and marking out, as well as cutting, shaping and finishing materials.

In addition to enhancing numeracy skills students gain confidence in how to approach complex practical activities, whilst learning how to use a range of tools and techniques safely and correctly.


Possible projects include:

Table clock

Chest of drawers

Plant stand

Table mirror


S4 -S6 Course Choices

• National 4 and 5 Practical Woodworking

• National 4, 5 and Higher Design and Manufacture

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