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I believe that every single pupil, irrespective of their ability or background, has the potential to achieve. It is, therefore, our collective mission to work with our entire community to ensure our pupils leave school with the qualifications, skills and confidence to contribute to society.

The way that we do things in our school is to ensure that pupils are exposed to excellent teaching and learning, positive relationships and a wide range of educational experiences. This is expected of all pupils, parents, and staff and together we create a culture where pupils can thrive.


David Young



Welcome to our website.

Find information and support, read the latest news from the school and participate in the Home Learning Hub.

We are Wester Hailes

High School.

We thrive together.
We make a difference together.
We are here to beat the odds and teach the next generation of change-makers, embracing every challenge, no matter
its shape or size.

As long as we are together, we are unstoppable.

We teach and learn from each other.


Not only with academic excellence, but with the strongest of human principle and values.

We believe in our school

because it ties the strongest of bonds
and pushes everyone
to become the best they can possibly be.



We believe in our teachers

because they shape
the minds of our future leaders and elevate their spirit with confidence
and grit.

We believe in our parents

because nothing would be possible without their love and care.

We believe in our community

because together we can and will succeed.

Most of all we believe in our pupils 

because of their spark that makes us all shine.

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