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We fully acknowledge the important role that you as a parent/carer play in the education of your young person.


We strive to demonstrate that our parents/carers are our partners and we will work closely with you during your child’s time with us.

This page outlines some of the areas of support for you as a parent/carer .

Parent Council

Any parents/carers who are interested in becoming involved in the new Parent Council are invited to contact the school. Now that things are starting to return to normal, we can facilitate meetings at WHHS.  An especially warm invitation goes out to any parents new to the school who want to find out what it is all about.

Home Learning Hub

All the resources you need to help your child Learn at Home can be found in the Home Learning Hub.

The Wellbeing Hub

Get more information about the new learning space for pupils who need extra support with social, emotional, and behavioural needs. A place where young people can improve their achievements and experience success.


We offer our Parents and Carers several areas of support locally, and also within Edinburgh.


Your first point of contact with any concerns or queries about your child’s learning or development should be with our Pupil Support Team.

Health Alerts

Get more information and guidance regarding Coronavirus and any other health alerts.


Contact us with your concerns as follows:


Any concern about learning – email your teacher directly via the Home Learning Hub.

Any concern about school in general – email the school via


Find out more about the facilities that Wester Hailes High Schools offers, including information about the School upgrade.

Leaving School - What's Next?

The Edinburgh Guarantee vision is that all sectors in the city will work together to ensure that every young person in Edinburgh will leave school with the choice of a job, training or further education opportunity available to them.

School Policy

We strive for an environment in which mutual respect and individual rights are valued and believe this is conducive to effective learning and teaching.

Please follow the link below to read our School Policies.

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