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Empowered Learning

Edinburgh City Council has introduced a Digital Strategy across all Edinburgh Schools, called Empowered Learning.

As part of this strategy, all Secondary age pupils will be issued with a school iPad to assist with Learning, Teaching, and Assessment in school and at home.


In order for your child to receive their iPad, please read over the ‘Responsible Use Agreement’ and ‘Home School Agreement’ forms and then complete an online form for your child on the left. Only once the form has been completed, can we issue an iPad.

Responsible Use Agreement
Home School Agreement
Internet Use Policy

If you need any support completing the forms, please contact your child's Pupil Support Leader.

S1 & S3 (W) Pupils - Ms. Burns

S2 & S3 (H) Pupils - Mr. Robertson 

S4 Pupils - Ms. Meikle  

S5/6 Pupils - Mrs. Valentine 


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