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Our Senior Team

Meet our senior team, tasked with our three strategic priorities:
Improve the quality of our teaching and learning
Improve Attainment and Achievement Outcomes
Strengthen Inclusive Practice
David Young
Head Teacher

Leadership and Management

Covid Response



Quality Assurance

HGIOS and Self-Evaluation


Resources Management

WTA and School Calendar

Insight Analysis and Attainment

Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting to Parents

Janet Walker
Deputy Head Teacher

New Build
School Estate
Year Head S2 and S3
Faculty Links : Science + Tech, Expressive Arts, Maths and BEC
Course Choice Overview
S2 and S3 Course Choice
S2 and S3 Parents Evenings
Probationer/Student regent
School Timetable

Parental Engagement
ICT Coordinator/Digital Learning

Deputy Head Janet Walker
Claire Dancer
Deputy Head Teacher

Teaching Learning and Assessment
Success and Achievements
Year Head S4, S5 and $6
Faculty Links : Social Subjects, HWB, English
Career Education, DYW and College Links
S4 and S5 Course Choice
SP Parents Evenings
Positive Destinations
School Awards Ceremonies
School Excursion Coordinator

Deputy Head Claire Dancer
Krzysztof Ciesielka
Business Manager 

Equity and Resources Centre Leadership

School Cover

Library, PSA, CA,


Administration Management

Finance Management & DSM Resource Management

Health and Safety

Facilities/Asset Management

Absence Management

PRD (Support Staff)

Contracted Services

Sarah Cockerill
Pupil Support SDO

Strategic Priority
Inclusion and Equality
Child Protection
Year Head S1
Faculty Links : Pupil support (PSL’s, SFL and WBH)
S1 Parents evenings 
Partner agencies - EAL, ASL and EP

Behaviour Management

Pupil Support Team
Ms Meikle 
House Calton Pupil Support Leader
Mr Ramsay
House Calton Pupil Support Leader
Mrs Valentine
S5 & S6 Pupil Support Leader
Ms Burns
House Blackford Pupil Support Leader
Ms Ramsay
House Turnhouse Pupil Support Leader

Pupil Support Leaders are supported further by Year Heads: Mrs. Cockerill S1, Miss Walker S2/S3 and Miss Dancer S4/S5/S6.

Pupil Support

Ms MacLennan
Support for Learning Leader

An Additional Support Need comes from anything which is a barrier to learning.


​At Wester Hailes, we have five Pupil Support Leaders, in addition to a Support for Learning Leader, a Pupil Support SDO, a Support for Learning Teacher, and a team of Learning Assistants.

​The Education Authority has many legal duties towards pupils with additional support needs and you can find out more in a booklet called In On The Act : Information For The General Public, which is available at 

Ms Kerr
Pupil Support Admin Assistant
Mr Caiafas
Pupil Support Assistant
Mr Ross
Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs McCubbin-Park
Wellbeing Hub Pupil Support Officer
Ms Auld
Pupil Support Officer (Attendance)
Ms Hazley
Pupil Support Assistant
Ms Chisholm
Pupil Support Assistant
Ms Stemp
Pupil Support Assistant


P7/New S1 Parents Information

If you missed the information evening on Thursday evening, don't worry!  
You can view the presentation that was shared in the Teams meeting here.

Click here to download the presentation. 
Also, you can click here to view an introduction to Wester Hailes High School by some of our staff, for our new P7s!

Work With Us

Work With Us

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