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During S1-S3 students will take part in our broad general education English programme. Our aim in S1-S3 to equip students with the required skills to both excel in senior phase and outside the classroom. The curriculum is designed in a sequential way, in which student’s build on and develop their skills year on year. Each year students will produce a folio of work which includes:

  • One short story

  • One critical essay

  • One personal reflective piece

  • One solo talk

  • One persuasive piece

  • Group discussion

  • Close reading

In S1 to S3 students also take part in a personal reading programme in class and read for 10 minutes at the beginning of the lesson. Classes are encouraged to visit the school library regularly to swap books and find their next page-turner. From 2018 onwards, S1-S3 students will also complete additional tasks in mentoring time to enhance class-based learning, as part of the school’s commitment to raising attainment in literacy.

S1 English Course Booklet

S2 English Course Booklet

S3 English Course Booklet

English S1-S3


In S4-S6 the English Department offers a range of qualifications designed to suit each students’ skills and abilities.

These include:


N3/4 English Course Booklet 

N5 English Course Booklet 

Higher English Course Booklet

English S4-S6

S4-S6 Course Choices

English Course Choices
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