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In Music, pupils will have the opportunity to learn classroom instruments including Keyboard, Drums, Ukulele and Tuned Percussion, as well as having opportunities to sing. Miss Leitch is the classroom Music teacher, and we also have the following team of instrumental instructors offering 1-1 tuition:

Mr Woollven – Guitar & Bass Guitar

Mr Anderson – Piano & Keyboard

Mr Rankin – Drums & Percussion

Mr Longden – Voice

Mr Mitchell – Voice

Mrs McQue – Woodwind

Mr Hetherington – Brass

Pupils will have the opportunity to learn to play as part of a band and as a soloist, working towards performances in the school and the local community. Previous performances have included work with the primary schools in our learning community, and projects with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.


BGE Music

In Junior Music you will choose 2 classroom instruments to develop performing skills, while also developing listening skills in understanding Music through units on Musicals and World Music. Along with developing listening and performing skills, Music is a subject that develops patience, resilience, and problem-solving skills, with the introduction of composing skills in S3. This involves editing and mixing music using GarageBand, creating your own piece of music, and using your imagination and creative skills.

Music S1-S3


In S4 you can study National 3, 4 or 5 Music.

To gain a qualification in Music, performing on 2 instruments is required, along with further listening skills in understanding Music.

For National 5, performing is worth 60% of the overall mark and understanding music is worth 40%. Pupils must be able to perform at Grade 3 level to achieve N5.

Composing skills are assessed at National 3 and National 4, with a pupil reflection and evaluation required to justify their creative choices. All pupils are expected to evaluate their performing skills regularly. Pupils are expected to perform at Grade 2 level for National 4, and Grade 1 level for National 3.

In S5 & S6 you can study National 4, 5, Higher or NPA Music Performance.

(For info on National 4 or 5, please see S4).

Performing skills are continually developed at Higher level, with 2 instruments required to make up 60% of the overall mark and listening making up the remaining 40%. Higher pupils are expected to perform at Grade 4 level to a visiting examiner.


NPA Music performance is assessed at Level 6, equivalent to a Higher. This course focuses fully on developing further performing skills and is assessed internally. This is an opportunity for pupils to bridge the gap between National 5 and Higher, or as an additional pathway after achieving Higher Music. A performing evaluation is required and pupils are expected to continually reflect on their performing skills.

Music S4-S6

S4 & Senior Course Choices

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