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Light Up Learning – S3 & S4 Mentoring Offer – June 2023

Are you an S3 or S4 parent/carer concerned that your child could be achieving more in school? Does your child lack interest sometimes or is maybe a bit anxious about school? Are you looking for your child to have some extra support to help with school and to start thinking about their future?

We are very pleased to announce that we are now working with Light Up Learning to offer mentoring to eight S3/S4 pupils. This is a fully funded programme until at least June 2024 in conjunction with City of Edinburgh Council Youth Work Grant Scheme.

Who is this programme for?

Any S3 or S4 pupil looking for some extra support with school who may be underachieving at the moment for a variety of reasons.

What will the programme involve?

Weekly meeting with a specially selected and full trained mentor who will be matched with the skills, interested and abilities of the pupil. These meetings will be in school during the school day. Their mentor will help to focus their ideas, provide encouragement, resources and possible professional contacts to help them explore their interest further.

I think I am interested – what do I do next?

Please discuss with your child. The programme is successful where there is full participation from the pupil and they are interesting in working with a mentor. If you and your child think this programme sounds interesting and would like some more information please contact Miss Dancer on

The programme is all set up so we would be looking to start as soon as possible when schools return in August.

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