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Maths S1-S3


Senior School:

  • In S4, depending on their Mathematical ability, students will progress to either National 3 life skills, National 4 or 5 Mathematics.

  • In S5/6 students will be considered to proceed to National 4/5, Higher or Advanced Higher

Maths S4-S6


Learning Mathematics develops logical reasoning, analysing, problem solving skills, creativity and the ability to think in abstract ways.

We use maths in every aspect of our lives at work and in practical everyday activities at home and beyond. We use maths when we go shopping or plan a holiday, decide on a mortgage or decorate a room.

Decisions in life are so often based on numerical information; to make the best choices, we need to be numerate. 

All students will study Maths from S1-4 and some may progress to S5/6.

S1-3 Curriculum for Excellence:
  • During S1-3 students will work through the CfE levels and receive a Broad General Education at the level appropriate to them.

Maths Course Choices

Supported Study

• Junior study support is offered every day at lunch

• Senior study support is offered at all levels every Monday (N5/H) & Tuesday (N4/N5)


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